Kérastase Fresh Affair Fine Fragrance Dry Shampoo

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COUTURE STYLING! Fine fragrance root and hair refreshing dry shampoo for all hair types. Cheat on bad hair days with our first fine fragrance dry shampoo. Vitamin E and rice starch combine to provide a lightweight, dry cleansing treatment filled with a glossy neroli aroma. Once applied, experience the luxury fragrance for up to 24 hours after application.
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A dry shampoo with up to 24 hours of fragrance that instantly absorbs oil and leaves the hair with a lightweight, clean feeling.

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Hair Concern: Oiliness

Key Benefits:
- Instantly absorbs excess oil on scalp & hair.
- 24HR long lasting Neroli Oil scented fine fragrance.
- Fine powder spray for a lightweight touch with a clean feeling.
- Refresh hair and root at-home + on-the-go.
- Silicone free.
- Fresh scent

Formulation: Spray

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Neroli: Acts as an irresistible, long-lasting fine fragrance.
- Rice Starch: Helps absorb oil.
- Vitamin E: Provides nourishment for scalp and hair.

What Else You Need to Know:
Cheat on bad hair days with the new Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo. Kérastase’s up to 24-hour, long-lasting neroli fragrance will leave your hair smelling gorgeous all day. Fresh Affair is formulated with rice starch and vitamin E to instantly absorb excess oil and leave your hair with a lightweight, clean feeling.

How To Use:
After cleanse, treat, and prime, apply to hair. Shake well. Hold can 10-12 inches from hair. Spray evenly onto dry hair, focusing on roots and scalp, brush through. On dry hair, spray product in sections 10-12 inches from the scalp. If white residue occurs, massage into the scalp.