Organic Herbal Teas

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1.00 Ounces
100% organic herbal teas that drain and promote the elimination of toxins

A booster effect for your detox routine.

The Draining Organic Herbal Teas are a tasty blend of five beneficial organic plants: cinnamon*, blueberry*, red vine*, sweet orange peel* and blackcurrant*. Created exclusively for the Herbal Tearoom at the Vinothérapie Spa, these delicious herbal teas are the perfect slimming aid, helping eliminate water and toxins. Cinnamon adds a kick to the infusion before giving way to more delicate aromas.

x Promotes the elimination of toxins
x Provides moment of well-being

Formula: 100% ingredients of natural origin.


How to use:
Steep a tea bag in just-boiled water for 5 minutes or steep 3 tea bags in 1.5 liters of water, hot or cold. Enjoy throughout the day.
Vinotherapist’s advice:
For a complete slimming program, steep the herbal tea in water, hot or cold, garnish with a splash of lemon juice or slices of orange. It’s delicious to drink throughout the day!